Kodi Urlresolver Why Is It So Important

Kodi URLResolver – Why is this addon so important?

The Kodi URLResolver is one of the most important components for streaming. What the plugin does exactly and how it works is explained in the following article.

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What is the Kodi Addon URLResolver?


Almost all available kodi video add-ons require the URLResolver. Since there is a dependency, you have probably never proactively added this add-on to Kodi yourself, but it is already installed automatically by other video add-ons.


What are dependencies in Kodi?

During a Kodi Addon installation you will be asked to confirm additional add-on dependencies during the process. This means that your add-on to be installed is dependent on other add-ons to work. This is called a dependency.


How does the URLResolver work?

Most video add-ons get the information from the same sources, including dizilab, Gvideo, clicknupload or zshare. The URLResolver was programmed to navigate through the pages themselves, request the video files and even solve the captchas automatically. It also decodes the files so that Kodi can finally play them.


Many streaming providers update their service regularly and therefore it can happen that the URLResolver does not work properly anymore. How you can update the Kodi URLResolver yourself, we show in this tutorial.


We hope you found the explanation of the URLResolver helpful and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to comment. We will answer all questions as soon as possible.

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