Spotify Kodi Addon

How to install Spotify Kodi Addon [2022]

Spotify is one of the largest streaming music providers offering users all the content of a huge music library and an incredible listening experience.

Attention Kodi users: Your streaming activities can be recorded!

You can be tracked by your IP address!
Your current IP address is:2001:2043:9e4c:1800:4198:410a:fcb0:31a5

Your internet service provider, government, Kodi Addon developer or even hackers have the possibility to monitor your streaming activities. Therefore you should urgently use a VPN service with Kodi to protect your internet connection and your activities from the eyes of third parties.

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Download & install Spotify Kodi Addon

If you want to install the Spotify Kodi Addon on your Kodi Player, you need the correct so-called repo. The repository is from marcelveldt and it contains our desired Spotify Addon.

  1. This .ZIP file must now be uploaded to the Kodi Player. For this purpose we click on “Settings” (grey gear wheel) in the main menu. tutorial Spotify Kodi Addon installation
  2. Now we go to “Addons“. tutorial Spotify Kodi Addon installation 2
  3. In this window please select “install from .ZIP file“. Once the repository has been installed, a notification will appear in the upper right corner of the window. tutorial Spotify Kodi Addon installation 3
  4. We select the downloaded ZIP file.
    Spotify kodi repository tutorial Spotify Kodi Addon installation 4
  5. Now that the repository has been successfully installed we go back to “Settings” then “Addons” and now “Install from Repository
    kodi tutorial spotify kodi addon installation schritt 5
  6. In this list is now the “marcelveldt’s BETA repository” which we confirm with a double click.
    kodi tutorial spotify kodi addon installation schritt 6
  7. In dieser Liste befindet sich nun das “marcelveldt’s BETA repository“, das wir mit einem Doppelklick bestätigen.
    Spotify addon installation schritt 6
  8. Click on “Spotify“.
    spotify uebersicht repository installation schritt 8
  9. Now we install Spotify and get a message in the upper right window that the installation was successful!
    kodi spotify ansicht schnelle installation schritt 9
  10. We go from the main menu to “Settings” (grey gear wheel), then to “Addons” and “My Addons“, then we can select the “Spotify Kodi Addon” under “Music add-ons“.
    kodi tutorial spotify installation schritt 10
  11. Since a registered account is required for Spotify, we click on “Configuration”.
    spotify konfigurieren kodi installation schritt 11
  12. In this window we have the possibility to enter our login data from Spotify. After we have confirmed this we can open Spotify and get all our songs and playlists!
    spotify login kodi addon einrichtung schritt 12


If you have any further suggestions and/or even feedback then please let us know in the comments! We hope you enjoy listening to our music.