Kodi Ghost Repository

How to install Ghost Repository in Kodi

There are many repositories in Kodi, but the Ghost Repository is one of the largest and best known. It offers you many add-ons that can sweeten your life and take your entertainment level to a new level in many different ways. Especially the video section is very busy and with regular updates and maintenance you are always up-to-date. The categories of Kodi Ghost Repo are very broad and for browsing you will find everything you need!

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Your internet service provider, government, Kodi Addon developer or even hackers have the possibility to monitor your streaming activities. Therefore you should urgently use a VPN service with Kodi to protect your internet connection and your activities from the eyes of third parties.

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Download & activate the Ghost Repository

To do this, we download the repo externally from the official Ghost Repository website and place the .ZIP file on our desktop or location where he has Kodi Player access.

  1. The .ZIP file is located in a place (e.g. desktop) that the Kodi Player has access to. But first Kodi needs permission from us to install add-ons from unknown sources. We select “Settings” in the main menu (grey gear wheel).
    ghost repository kodi installation guide schritt 1
  2. Click on “System“.
    ghost repo kodi installation guide schritt 2
  3. Then go to the tab “Add-ons” and activate “unknown sources“. We confirm the further message with “OK“.
    ghost repo kodi installation guide schritt 4
  4. Now we can go back to our menu categories and select “Add-ons“.
    ghost repository kodi installation tutorial hilfe schritt 6
  5. Now click “install from .ZIP file“.
    ghost repo kodi erklearung und installations hilfe schritt 7
  6. Select the location where our downloaded file is located and click on the “repository.Ghost.zip“.
    ghost repository hilfe tutorial schritt 8
  7. Shortly afterwards, a message appears in the upper right-hand area of the window stating that the installation of the ghost repository was successful.
    ghost repo kodi installation guide schritt 9
  8. Now we are able to install various add-ons from the repo. To do this, click on “Install from Repository” in the Add-on Browser.
    ghost repo kodi installation guide schritt 10
  9. We select “Ghost Repo” here.
    ghost repo kodi installation guide schritt 11
  10. All add-ons are filtered by their categories and you can search them freely. As an example we click on the “Video-Addons
    ghost repo kodi installation guide schritt 12
  11. Now all contents of the video category will appear and we will play them back with another click.
    ghost repo kodi installation guide schritt 13

Have fun with the Ghost Repository in Kodi. If you have difficulties in any area and/or feedback for us, please write it in the comments, we are looking forward to your opinions!