0 How To Add Media Source

Add a media source to Kodi – it’s that easy!

Kodi offers the user a huge selection of addons with which it can be expanded. Most of these addons can be installed and maintained via repositories. To install such repos, you first need to add a media source in Kodi. In this post I will show you how to add a new source in Kodi in a few easy steps.

Attention Kodi users: Your streaming activities can be recorded!

You can be tracked by your IP address!
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Your internet service provider, government, Kodi Addon developer or even hackers have the possibility to monitor your streaming activities. Therefore you should urgently use a VPN service with Kodi to protect your internet connection and your activities from the eyes of third parties.

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Add media source in Kodi

  1. First you start Kodi and click on the gear icon in the main menu to open the Kodi settings.1 Mediasource Settings
  2. Now navigate to the File manager. From the Kodi 18 version, the menu item can be easily found above.2 Mediasource Click.filemanager
  3. Next, click on “Add source”Add a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 1
  4. In the dialog box you click on “<None>”Add a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 2
  5.  In the command prompt, you can now add the URL of the media source. In this example I added the URL for the Kodi Kodzi addon. When you’ve done that, just click “ok”Add a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 3
  6. Now you should name the media source. Make sure to choose a unique name so that you always know which add-on it is. In the future you will be confronted with this name more often.Add a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 4
  7. And you already have a new entry in the file manager that bears the name of your new media source.Add a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 5
  8. Go back to Main menu and click “Addons”Add a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 6
  9. Click the icon in the top left corner to go to the Kodi Addon Manager.Add a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 7
  10. Now you can easily install an addon from your added media source. Simply select “Install from ZIP file”.Add a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 8
  11. If you have not yet installed an external add-on, you will see a dialog box informing you that add-ons from unknown sources are deactivated to protect you. To bypass this protection and install addons, just click the “Settings” button in the dialog box ..11 Mediasource Settings
  12. Now you select the Unknown sources option and enable. 12 Mediasource Settings Allow
  13. Since you are (hopefully) aware of the danger of installing addons from unknown sources, simply confirm the pop-up dialog box with Yes. Remember to always check your media sources and addons. Otherwise you may be the victim of a hack attack.13 Mediasource Settings Ok
  14. Now it’s back to the Kodi add-on browser. Here you click again on the menu item “Install from zip file”.14 Mediasource Zip
  15. Now select the media source you named.15 Mediasource Pick
  16. Now you can simply select the corresponding repository. Logically, as you have already defined, only ZIP files can be installedAdd a media source to Kodi - it's that easy! 9

If the media source you have created is empty, it is possible that you have entered an incorrect URL in the media source or it is no longer accessible. Consult the publisher of the media source and ask where and if you can still get this addon.

Did you like the tutorial? Or do you have any questions? Just leave a comment and I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible 🙂